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NEW INFO. PLEASE READ . Welcome to the SR Racing Swap shop. This page is available for individuals to post FV cars, parts and engines for sale or wanted to buy. It's only $7 for a 3 month advertisement. (Please inquire re: commercial ads that wish to be held on the page for longer periods.) We currently have links from all over the web, and actively solicit this page via several other forms of media. So, it's a good investment. Send me your particulars and I will post the info here. (Follow up with the $7 to the address below.  If you mail me a photo, I will also place a scan here. Photos will not be returned unless you provide an SASE. Please provide your telco number, Email address or other way to get hold of you. Press here to send me the particulars, or mail to me with $7. Send $ to Jim Schings, 851 N. Yarnallton Pike, Lexington, KY 40511. You can also pay via PayPal to sracing@mindspring.com

851 N. Yarnallton Pike
Lexington KY 40511
WARNING - If you list here it is almost guaranteed that you will receive an offer(s) from someone to buy your car, trans, etc. with a "Bank or Cashiers Check". They will send you a check for greater than the amount of the car (usually $1000 to $3000) and have you wire transfer back the difference.  They are ALWAYS counterfeit checks and due to the inadequacies or complacency of the Banking System there will be a 6 to 10 day delay before your bank will notify you. In the interim you will have wired transferred the refund to them. There IS NO way to recover from this fraud. You will be out the money.  There are other variations of the scam, but all will usually involve a wire transfer and/or the buying party unable to make the pickup thus he will have his "agent" make the pick-up. These scams are rampant on the internet and have been for several years. DO NOT ACCEPT THESE OFFERS. If you have any questions about offers, Call us.. Jim


The cars 2 log books,  1 Front end axle (ready to go), 1 Fiberglass seat , 1 Rear suspension bar, 1 Fire extinguisher cover, 4 Rims (without tires), 4 Rims (with unused rain tires), 1 fiberglass mid nose, 1 Engine  block 1300cc, 2 Flywheels, 1 Pressure Plate, 1 Clutch Plate, 1 Transmission (4:12 1:21 3rd without drums),3 Sets of old carbotech shoes, 2 Front spindles, 1 Slave cylinder (used), Miscellaneous points and plugs, King pin set, 1 Throw out bearing, 2 Gasket sets, 2 Valve covers, 1 Crank pulley, 2 Rear drums (new), 6 Rear drums (used), 1 Oil cooler Boss, 1 Distributor, 1 Block oil fill, 1 Carburetor, 1 Intake, 2 Heads, 2 Jugs, 2 Pistons, 2 Used steering rods, 1 Old crank, 2 Old headers missing 1 collector.

 0-60 in a little under 5 seconds
Cornering force of 1.6g
 Top Speed of around 120mph

 $12,900.   Phone: (805)-647-5043 Email: dtfv@outlook.com   More info and PHOTOS here:  http://www.batorinternational.com/auto-sales-formula-vee.html   (9/7/17)